5 Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Needs To Be In A Camper Van

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5 Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Needs To Be In A Camper Van


Just imagine waking up in the morning to waves splashing outside your door and the sun rising over the horizon and the shores of a secluded bay moments away. That’s exactly what you can expect to wake up to if you decide to travel in a camper van for your next holiday. Here are a few reasons you should consider travelling by camper the next time you go for an outdoor adventure.


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1. You will have the ultimate flexibility and freedom


When you’re out on the open road, you can figure things out while on the go and if you come across a place you love, you can decide to remain another night without necessarily changing your travel plans or cancel bookings previously made.


Mental health expert Bob Lane believes that having freedom of choice on a holiday is something that can allow for the mind to go wild. “On holidays like these, there isn’t a strict itinerary or anything. You can drive whenever, wherever. You don’t have to worry about check-in times at hotels at all. Not being restricted can allow you to treat yourself to the perfect holiday.”


When you enlist a camper van for your journey, you'll have the freedom to make plans as you go and get the most out of your holiday time.




2. You can have a once-in-a-lifetime food experience


While you’re out on the open road, you’ll likely stumble across some of the best hidden vineyards and food producers in Australia. Even better, you'll have the chance to store it as you proceed with your journey.

For Eddie Bennett, a concrete resurfacer in Adelaide, the food that you stumble upon during a road trip is better than anything you’ll get at the local supermarket. “The favourite thing about these camper van trips is that you’re buying right from the source, so all the food is incredibly fresh. It’s not being transported in a giant truck to the supermarket, and you’re giving money straight to the farmers who need it most. It honestly just tastes better as well.”


From your camper van, you can just serve it up and enjoy your meal wherever you want. Nobody will be rushing you and you’ll have all time in your hands to savour some of Australia’s finest flavours.


3. You’re amongst nature the entire time


When you book a hotel, you’re staying in a room within a building that is usually a pleasant experience. But when you’re travelling in a camper van, the van is your hotel room and you can ensure your hotel is always amongst nature.


Whether it’s hearing the birds chirping in the morning, or the relaxing and soothing sounds of waves crashing against the surface of the water, they’re the most natural sounds you can imagine and can only really get if you’re driving around in a camper van.


The whole experience just feels more authentic, too. The feeling of grass or sand on your feet is as natural as it gets, while the carpeted floor in a hotel room doesn’t even come close.




4. You can just drive


If you’re one of those people who believe it’s about the journey and not the destination that matters, then hiring a camper van for your holiday is definitely for you. When you set off, hundreds of kilometres will pass and the freedom that the driving experience provides will be just exhilarating.


Nikole Grbin, an Australian entrepreneur in the health sector, says that just setting off on a whim is incredibly liberating. “Sometimes you don’t even need to have the directions planned out ahead of you. You can just hop in the car and drive anywhere you want, and see where you end up. It’s the joy of having a camper van, you can go to a national park or even park the van by a beach if you want an early morning dip.”


Rather than using the highway to reach your destination quickly, you can opt to take a more scenic route. Who knows, you may stumble across some hidden gems!


5. You can still enjoy home comforts


A camper van holiday means that you can still enjoy all of the amenities you’d usually enjoy at home or in a hotel, just in a smaller space. There’s always space for a fridge, stove, table and bed, so you have EVERYTHING you need!


In honesty, it’s hard to put into words the feeling and vibe you get when you’re driving around in a camper van. There’s so many memories to be made inside it, you can customise it on the inside, play your own tunes, the possibilities are endless.



Given the current travel restrictions, there’s never been a better time than now to enjoy a camper van holiday. That’s where Byron Bay Campers come into it.


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Written by: Josep Quin