Buying Vs Renting a Campervan

Have you been dreaming of exploring the country in the most laid-back way? What you need is a taste of van life!

Many people are attracted to van life because it’s incredibly fascinating. You’ll pass through beautiful landscapes, quaint small towns, exciting highway stops, hidden beaches, etc. Technically, you can sleep wherever you want! According to a study, 95% of campers believe that camping is beneficial to their mental health.

But before anything else, there’s one crucial question to answer: should you buy or rent a campervan?

Factors to Consider

Whether it’s for a quarterly vacation or for abrupt escapes from metropolitan, you’re probably wondering if you should buy or rent a campervan. Both options come with benefits and drawbacks, but you should base the decision on these points:

● Budget

● How often you plan to use the campervan

● Storage

● Future needs

● The type of vehicle you need

Buying a Campervan

If you’re going on extended trips many times a year or most weekends, buying a campervan is probably the best way to go.

You might be hesitant because it’s a considerable expense. But let’s try to explore some benefits of owning a camper to help you decide:

● Owning a camper means you can just get in and go. You don’t have to make reservations, sign rental agreements, no timeline, and all other fuss related to borrowing a vehicle.

● You can change travel plans in the middle of the trip. Take all detour and stops you want because you’re not required to return the van at a specific time.

Just like many situati

ons, owning a camper van also has disadvantages, such as reoccurring expenses. Here are the other drawbacks you should ponder on:

● Firstly, it’s a considerable investment. If you don’t pay cash, you’ll have to think of monthly payments.

● You need to get specific insurance for this type of vehicle.

● You need to pay for registration, roadworthy certificate, inspection, etc.

● It would help if you have a place for safe storage. And because it’s a van, you’ll be needing a bigger space than what an average car requires.

According to Wheaton Madden, service centre manager at Novalease, “A camper requires a lot of upkeep because it’s on the road most of the time. Routine maintenance by a professional mechanic is essential in keeping it in good condition.”

Renting a Campervan

Of course, you’d like to own a campervan! Unfortunately, it’s not the most practical option for most of us. If you rarely go on extended vacations, it would be best to rent a van only when you need it. Moreover, take your financial situation and space into account.

Here are some benefits of renting a campervan instead of owning one:

● You don’t have to shell out a fortune or make monthly payments. Here’s a low-cost holiday alternative for you.

● You won’t be responsible for the maintenance and insurance fees.

● You don’t have to worry about storage during the off season.

● Most campervan rentals offer 24/7 roadside assistance.

● Renting a van is a smart way to reflect if you want to purchase one.

Now, let’s also look at the drawbacks of renting a van camper.

● You have to pick up and return the vehicle at specific times. This means your schedule is tight.

● Renting isn’t economical if you camp multiple times a year.

● Some rental companies put a limit on the miles of their vans. You’ll have to pay extra charges if you exceed this limit.

Are you searching for a low-cost holiday alternative where you can safely and comfortably explore nature, meet new people, and engage in various outdoor activities? You need to get campervan!

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